Concept Plan

by LandCorp Team, over 4 years ago
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The concept plan for the site is outlined below. More details regarding Access, Public Realm and Housing Types can be viewed and commented on below.

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  1. Primary entrance from Salvado Road, next to Henderson Park.
  2. Alternative access from Wembley Sports Park, with connection to Selby Street.
  3. Retention of significant trees in Henderson Park, with new buildings to be setback to maintain tree health.
  4. Entry statement/piazza creating a visual arrival feature along Salvado Road.
  5. Sewer easement to be utilised for public access, connecting Salvado Road to Wembley Sports Park, with a mixture of hard and soft landscaping elements.
  6. Key pedestrian access points to the site to be formalised through landscaping elements such as tree planning, paving, seating and shading.
  7. Extensive visitor parking provided on-street, with potential for overflow parking (if required) at Wembley Sports Park.
  8. Visitor parking to also be provided within the individual development sites.
  9. Town houses and terrace housing along southern interface to existing residential area.
  10. Apartment sites to be located centrally to minimise the visual presence from Peel Street, Halesworth and Salvado Roads.
  11. Existing public access way identified for potential upgrade and landscaping to enhance interface and improve security and surveillance of the area.
  12. Introduction of additional footpaths within and around the site to provide additional connections to key local destinations.
  13. Site edges to interface and blend with the existing public open space areas.
  14. No vehicle access from the south.

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All comments made on this online forum will be considered as contributions towards the development of the Outline Development Plan, which will be publically advertised by the Town of Cambridge later in 2014.

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