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View the plan below to see how we have addressed community feedback received in August 2013. Have your say on the proposed pedestrian and vehicular access for the site.

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  1. Primary entrance from Salvado Road, next to Henderson Park.
  2. Alternative access from Wembley Sports Park, with connection to Selby Street.
  3. Intersection spacing and treatments on Salvado Road to be designed in consultation with the Town of Cambridge.
  4. Key pedestrian access points formalised through landscaping features.
  5. Enhanced pedestrian network through the site.
  6. No vehicle access from the south.
  7. Proposed footpath and upgrade to landscape treatment within Henderson Park, conceptual only, to be designed in consultation with the Town of Cambridge.
  8. Extensive visitor parking provided on-street, with potential for overflow parking (if required) at Wembley Sports Park. 

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All comments made on this online forum will be considered as contributions towards the development of the Outline Development Plan, which will be publically advertised by the Town of Cambridge later in 2014. 

Consultation has concluded

  • bacaine about 5 years ago
    It is unreasonable to propose location #2 as an alternative access to the development. This laneway was originally proposed by the council as a secondary access to overflow parking for netball but has since become a primary access to parking necessitating 4 x traffic personal on games days, causing great disruption to the traffic flow on Salvado Road and severely compromising the amenity of residents on Salvado Road, making it difficult and dangerous to enter and exit these properties at times when traffic staff are not working. This laneway is not a gazetted road and was never intended to be. In addition, this access point is in too close proximity to the Marlow Road intersection to be established as a secondary access road, doing so would contravene established traffic planning regulations. Also I believe opening up the nursery development to the lane at location noted #4 will encourage drivers to look for parking spots within the nursery development and use it as an alternative route back to Salvado Road.
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    • SJ about 5 years ago
      I agree - location 2 cannot be considered a feasible option. My understanding was that it was always supposed to be a secondary access route to the netball complex which would be opened on Saturdays and other event days but otherwise blocked to general access. I know that until the main access route to the netball is completed it would be used but you only have to witness the absolute chaos on Saturdays to realise that it can't work as an access route to the new development at the Nursery site. Not only on weekends (when at least there are traffic staff assisting), but during the week at training sessions, its an absolute hazard along that stretch of Salvado. Especially with Marlow St already heavily used by traffic as a run-through to Cambridge St, particularly during peak times in the morning and evening. The number of near-misses I see in that section of the road is unbelievable. To increase the traffic load in that area with people accessing the new development is extremely hazardous. As well as local residents, including those directly opposite the proposed access point, that section is used a lot by pedestrians and cyclists and making access point 2 permanent affects them as well.