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Public Realm

over 5 years ago

View the plan below to see how we have addressed community feedback received in August 2013. Have your say on the proposed design of the public realm for the site.

Click here to view an interactive PDF (you will require Adobe Reader)


  1. Significant trees at Henderson Park retained and protected.
  2. Significant trees on–site retained where possible, with opportunities for the relocation of some trees to areas of public open space.
  3. Strong pedestrian connection between Salvado Road and Wembley Sports Park through the use of the sewer easement as public access way.
  4. Potential for public access way along southern boundary to be upgraded and landscaped to improve interface to existing residents.
  5. Site edges landscaped to integrate with the existing Henderson Park and Mabel Talbot Park.
  6. Proposed footpath and upgrade to landscape treatment within Henderson Park conceptual only, to be designed in consultation with the Town of Cambridge.

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All comments made on this online forum will be considered as contributions towards the development of the Outline Development Plan, which will be publically advertised by the Town of Cambridge later in 2014.

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