What is the Vision Concept?

The Vision Concept has been developed to reflect how the broad vision for the Subi East Redevelopment Project could be incorporated into a design.

In developing the Vision Concept, we’ve taken into account input from the local community, the site’s rich history and heritage and the need to accommodate the future housing needs of the area’s growing population – based on community feedback, the Vision Concept will seek to deliver a minimum of 2000 new dwellings over the coming decades around the Subi Oval and PMH areas. This minimum number does not include areas identified as future regeneration areas  within the concept plan, where further work is being undertake to understand future dwelling numbers.

The Vision Concept outlines a broad direction for this iconic project, an interpretation of what an additional 2,000 dwellings around the former Subi Oval and PMH sites may look like, and the creation of a vibrant new gateway to Subiaco on the doorstep of the Perth CBD.

Does this mean planning for Subi East is already complete?

No. Detailed Master Planning for Subi East is expected to commence in  late 2019, after feedback on the Vision Concept has been reviewed.  

Community input is playing a key role in planning this iconic project, and the responses received to date have helped to shape the broad vision for Subi East.

The Vision Concept will now provide a starting point for a more detailed conversation with community members and stakeholders, allowing them to provide their feedback and add to the vision as we progress to the Master Planning stage. The Vision Concept is open for public comment until 1 March 2019.

When will we have details on what we’ll see at Subi East – number of houses, how many parks, community facilities?

The Master Planning process is where this level of detail will be decided. The Vision Concept allows us to understand the expectations of both the community and the State Government to help guide that more detailed process.

For example, the community has told us that they would like more density and new homes around transport corridors and less in the existing suburban streetscape. This has been incorporated into our Vision Concept. The next step is for people to provide feedback on this Vision Concept before we enter the Master Planning phase. The Master Planning stage will provide greater level of detail and we will work with the community on this as the project progresses.

How many new homes will be built at Subi East?

The Vision Concept identifies that the project area can accommodate at least 2,000 new dwellings over the next 30 years. This minimum dwelling number reflects the  land identified as 'housing choices' within the Vision Concept and does not include areas identified as 'Future Investigation Area for Regeneration Opportunities.'

The community have told us they would like to see underutilised areas in Subi East, including around the oval and former Princess Margaret Hospital site, developed to take a higher density of new residents.

While the final number of dwellings to be included at Subi East will be determined as part of the Master Planning process, it’s anticipated the new precinct will play a significant role in meeting the future housing needs of the community as outlined in Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million and the City of Subiaco’s planning framework.

Will there be design standards for new developments at Subi East?

Subi East will be planned to ensure the highest quality design standards across the project – including built-form developments and community and public areas. Through community feedback we have heard that there is significant interest in being part of the design guidelines process and the design of public spaces. We will continue to seek input on this as part of the Master Planning Phase.

All design will need to align with DesignWA principles and the MRA Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2.

Will there be height limits on buildings at Subi East?

The Vision Concept provides an interpretation of what the minimum number of dwellings may look like. Heights for buildings at Subi East will be refined as part of the Master Planning process, in line with Development Policies and the City of Subiaco’s planning strategy.

It is anticipated that the buildings at Subi East may be a mix of building profiles. For example they could be tall and narrow or wider, shorter developments. Some sites may lend themselves to significant height, these sites will be assessed on their merits – both from a design and contextual perspective. Community feedback has helped indicate a number of areas to investigate greater height. This will need to be tested as part of the Detailed Master Planning Phase.

Is this the final chance for the community to have their say before plans are finalised?

No. Community input will continue to play a key role in planning this iconic project. By sharing the Vision Concept, we’re seeking the views and feedback of residents and other stakeholders and asking them to tell us what they think, and whether our early designs reflect community feedback to date.

Over the next month, we will be holding an intensive consultation period to capture your feedback on the Vision Concept, before we begin the Master Planning phase in the second half of 2019. At that point, we will undertake further detailed investigations around transport, engineering, public open space and landscape design, and heritage interpretation.

We will continue to engage with the community and stakeholders throughout, and we expect to put the Master Plan out for public comment around the end of this year.

Is the Subi Stadium being demolished?

Yes. It is likely that the public will see some activity around the middle of the year. The demolition contractor will be required to adhere to environmental and safety management plans to mitigate impacts on surrounding residents and businesses. Further information will become available once the contract has been appointed, which is expected to occur in the coming months.